Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Happy Boy Spot.

I was just working on a lampshade for the master bedroom, but my hot glue gun blew up in my face. It was wild (and scary...very scary). I have no idea why it happened, but now I can't finish until I get a new hot glue gun.
So, I thought I would catch you up on a few other projects I have been working on all in one post. I am pretty behind on all the things I want to share because my husband has been out of town and I have been spending my time trying to find a new apartment instead of blogging.
I tell ya, I finally start loving our town home and then my husband gets a new job...in a different state...after only one year of living here. I'm hoping we will be at our next place long enough to really make it feel like a home. For now, this is what we've got. Just remember, we are renters. No paint or pretty home details. Just outdated, boring walls.
Welcome to my son's room. He is 3 and loves cars. :)
He loves to tell us what the lights means at every stop light so I made him the words in the coordinating colors so he can relate the words to their meanings. I used my Cricut and vinyl.
I have moved the art and pictures all over his room and I finally love it all together.
My son and I made the 'C' together. He painted it blue and then that night I made the yellow road stripes with a small stencil I made and hot glued cars he no longer played with on.
I got the idea for the license plate art at [kreyv]. Instead of using fabric and wood, I used a canvas I had picked up at Michaels on sale (2 for $4.99) and painted it with a mix of beige and white acrylic paints (also on sale, $0.29 each). I spray painted the plates and then just used gorilla glue to glue them on. Not as fancy as the original, but I still like it and my son loves it!

The little night stand was inherited from my parents. I had painted it black before my son was born, but I didn't like the black with the brown and blues anymore. Plus, the black had taken a beating. Each chip was very obvious. I painted it white and got a new pretty silver knob. I love it now.
My sister-in-law, Tracy, who also occasionally writes on this blog made him the gorgeous blanket on his bed. The colors are so perfect for his room.
I made the pennant banner by just cutting out triangles with some scrap fabric I had and sewing them together on a piece of ribbon. My son refers to them as his "racing flags."

The dresser was given to us my mother-in-law who had received it from one of her friends. When we got it, it was a bad yellow and very used. I originally painted it black for my son's nursery and then painted it white recently to make his room feel more calming (in hopes it would calm my child...didn't work). I made the numbers with my Cricut and vinyl. I think they may be my most favorite thing in the room.
I also made this mobile using my Cricut. I cut out paper circles and train shapes and then just glued them on a piece of thread and tied them on a painted embroidery ring. I love the way it lightly blows with the fan on.
My sweet boy kissing his baby sister. My mother-in-law made that bag chair. We are all obsessed with it.


  1. The Dresser is beyond awesome. Can you come Cricut my house please? Or just give me that dresser?

  2. You could just get some stencils and paint numbers on your dressers. Probably a better idea anyway. Carson has tore off a tractor decal I had in his room and climbed in Allie's crib yesterday and tore off her tree decal. Little terd.


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