Monday, April 9, 2012

Carson's big boy room.

I posted about my son's room about a year ago here. It has actually changed quite a bit, and not just because we moved. His toddler bed kind of broke and he was growing out of it anyways (he is one tall boy!). Since we have friends and some family spread all over the country, we thought we should upgrade his bed to a double so we could use it for guests when necessary.
Carson co-slept with my husband and I until he was 6 months old and has randomly ended up in our bed quite often since. When he learned to talk he would tell us he wanted to sleep with us because his bed was not comfy. How could you say no to that? Anyway, since we got him a new, comfy bed he has only ended up sleeping with me a couple of times. Maybe he really wasn't comfortable? Poor guy.
I had a lot of fun with his room. He really loves it.
The fabric covered cork board was a garage sale find. It holds all his tickets or souvenirs from fun things he has done.
Info on the license plate art can be found here.

Jars to hold his dad's golf balls that Carson would hoard anyway. Now he has a place to put them. And glow sticks. He likes to sleep with one every night. I buy them at Target-15 for $1.
The circle canvas was made by Carson's aunt for his second Christmas, the Carson (I am a child of God) sign was made by my mother-in-law, "Look what I made" board was made by my sister-in-law. Carson loves to hang his art up and this is the perfect place.

I spray painted the piggy bank and cut the work 'Oink' using my Cricut. Carson steals any coins he finds and stashes them in either his lion or pig bank.
I made a fresh circle punch mobile. I love the way it blows with the fan on.

And here's the boy I would do anything for. Love him to pieces (chocolate face and all).

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