Thursday, May 24, 2012

Holy Playroom

Our playroom is out of control. We had never had an extra space to use as a playroom until we started renting this house and my kids have taken full advantage of this space. The room is right off the family room so it is great to have the kids playing close by, but always looks insane to everyone who has to walk past the room. I really want this room to be more stylish and flow with the rest of the house, all while remaining functional as a zone where the kids can be wild kids.

I took these pictures after a play date. It looks like the room exploded with toys. Some of the issues are:
  • There is no storage. This means the kids don't really know how to clean up.
  • Way too many toys.
  • Layout is poor.
  • The space is dark.
  • The brown baseboards, and window trim darken the space.

My plans are:

  • Do a major edit of toys. I recommend this process to EVERYONE! Donate or throw away items that you're children don't play with. The less toys, the more they actually play with what they have AND the less mess.
  • Paint the brown trimmings white.
  • Paint the table/chair set white.
  • Get long, flowy light curtains.
  • Get a storage unit with labeled baskets so the kids can clean up after themselves
  • Add fun and playful art.
Wish me luck, my friends. Do your kids have a playroom? How to you keep the chaos under control? 

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  1. I've found if I spend most if my time at my sister-in-law's house and let my son make a mess with her kids toys, I don't have to spend as much time picking up toys at my house. Genius, right? Good luck with the play room transformation!


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