Saturday, June 30, 2012

Numbered Kitchen Stools

When we moved into the home we are currently renting, the owners had left these stools and said we could keep them or trash them. I, naturally, refuse to trash any piece of furniture. They did, however, need a bit of a makeover. 
 I did a two coats of white paint on top. I then cut out the numbers '1' and '2' on my cricut and put them on top.
 I painted the entire stool grey. And even though it isn't pictured, I painted the top with the decal on it grey, too. I pulled the decal off before the paint dried to get a crisper result.
 Here are our stools all gussied up:
Are you a fan of the numbering everything trend? I like it. If it grows old, it's an easy paint over. 

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