Monday, June 4, 2012

Wing back Chair Mini Makeover

My mother-in-law kindly gave us this chair that they have owned since my husband was a wee one. I personally think it is awesome, but I think that the fact that my husband grew up with it turns him off to it. So, I decided I would try and change it to update it a little.
 My initial thought was I would make my first attempt at re-upholstering it or possibly removing the fabric and dying it.
I started by pulling apart the arm rest. I tried removing a few staples are realized this thing was a BEAST! I knew I probably wouldn't be able to save the fabric and I would have to invest a lot of time and money into this chair if I went the reupholstered route. Sooo....I had to make a change of plans.
To me, the only really out of date part of the chair is the pink detailing. I actually really love the rest of the fabric. I decided to paint the pink.
 I chose a pretty grey and just started painting the piping and the sides of the chair. It is a bit stiff, but since no one touches any of the parts I painted while sitting on the chair, I didn't mind at all.
And here is how it turned out:

 I love the legs. I painted them silver and then taped off to do the black. I love the dipped look.
What do you think? Would you ever paint fabric?

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