Monday, August 13, 2012

Family Room Update

In my last family room post, I shared that I didn't love our green walls and I really didn't like our sectional. After I posted pictures on the blog, I realized how bad it really was. I decided I had to change it. 
Luckily, we have the coolest landlords ever. She not only let me paint the family room, but let me use extra paint she had stored in the shed from a previous project, making the paint! YES!
The sofa wasn't free, but I did sell our sectional and get a great deal at Macy's. The were offering another 10% off their already discounted prices. So here is what is up currently:
 This is our family room a couple months ago.

AND here is today. So calming and comfy to us.

Doesn't the paint alone just make such a big difference? I love this color. It's like a super soft grey/blue. There are shades of it throughout the house. I got a cowhide rug for my birthday and I am obsessed with it. I loved it down in this room, but it was too shifty on the carpet. It is chilling in our front room/office currently, but someday I hope to have hardwoods in our family room where our little moo-er can hang out.
What do you think?

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