Thursday, October 4, 2012

5 Tips on Making a Rental Feel Like Home

1. A personal carpet cleaner machine- I like to clean all the carpets in any place I rent. I feel like it rids of the previous tenants scent and makes me feel comfortable about lounging on the floor or wrestling with my kids on a clean carpet.

2. Art, Mirrors, and photographs- A house never looks lived in with bare walls. Gorgeous mirrors, large art pieces or a photo wall really break up a most likely white wall and make your space personalized and inviting.

3. Window Treatments- Window treatments not only give you privacy, but give your room texture and life.  There are so many great tutorials for super easy curtains and valances that you hardly need to spend any money.

4. Pops of Color- Chances are if you are renting, you are living surrounded by beige, creams, and whites. A lot of places won't let you paint or maybe you aren't planning on staying in one place long enough to be interested in painting. Instead of trying to match the boring, add color where you can. Use brightly colored pillows, art, lamps, and accessories to make you excited about coming home everyday.

5. Rugs- A good rug does so many things for a room. It adds personality, possibly color, texture, warmth, and makes a space feel a little more intentional.
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