Friday, October 5, 2012

Thrifted Dresser and Office Update

A new thrift store opened near my home. Passing it, I saw some awesome wicker chairs outside that I wanted to own. I pulled over to check them out, but they were pretty messed up. I did, however, find two gorgeous mid-century dressers AND for $15 each!! I don't think the owner realized what beauties she had. 
I decided to use the taller of the two for my craft/sewing storage in place of my ombre dresser. I love that ombre dresser, but the drawers were nearly impossible to open and close so it was easy to replace it.
 I love it as is, no painting. It did need quite a bit of cleaning. I scrubbed every surface and vacuumed out the entire piece. I am loving it so much.
 I accessorized it with meaningful pieces that once belonged to my grandma. The books are a real treasure. One is Emerson's Essays with a handwritten note at the beginning, dated in 1935. There is also a Deseret Songbook with a tithing slip from 1946 for $5.00 and a fast offering for $1. I just love them.
 I moved my blue table back into the office. I quite like it in here. And I am still totally undecided on what to do with my black kitchen table. Any ideas?

Have you come across any amazing deals at thrift stores? So good you thought you were probably ripping the store off? Do share!

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