Monday, November 5, 2012

Envelope Pillow Cover Tutorial

So I know I have already shared envelope pillows, but I've received a few questions so I thought a tutorial with a couple of pictures might help. I made 18x18 pillow covers, but you can adjust the measurements to fit your pillow.
 Measure your pillow and make first cut to size. Mine is 18x18.
Cut another piece so length is half the size. Mine is 9x18.
The third piece should be about 3 more inches than the second. Mine is 12x18.
 You will need to hem one long side on each of the smaller pieces. Notice above that all sides are raw edges and just the middle is hemmed.
Make sure all pieces are inside out.
Overlap the hemmed pieces to create an envelope and a perfect square.
Sew all around the square, back stitching at each corner.

Have you tried this method when making pillow covers? It is so fun and easy. I love that they are washable and that it is easy to switch out pillow coverings whenever I feel. Share your pillow covers!


  1. I love them! I actually have fabric that I've been wanting to use, so thanks for the tutorial!

  2. Your pillows look awesome! Thanks for the tutorial because I had forgotten how you told me to do it.


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