Saturday, December 1, 2012

Rocking Around the Christmas Tree

Christmas is up at our house! Actually, I put it up a couple days before Thanksgiving (sue me) because we spent Thanksgiving in Florida with my husband's Nana and relatives and I wanted it to feel like Christmas once we got back home. 
We are planning on all kinds of fun and family-friendly crafts that I will be sharing to bring on some Christmas cheer. I am already SO excited for Christmas! I love December. I seriously feel like a kid all giddy. I'm hoping my kids will feel that way, too.
 My tree skirt is super old. I think my grandma made it for my mom when I was a kid.
 I made our stockings this year. Tutorial soon. We all had a bunch of crazy mismatched ones so it was time for a change. I wanted to make them really simple so the kids could embellish them someday. For now, I just hung their glittered initial on each one.

 My mother-in-law gave me a kit to make those Christmas pillows leftover from a church function she was in charge of. I think they turned out super cute. They sure do make me happy.
 Every year, I put all of our Christmas books in the family room so the kids can read about the true meaning of Christmas as well as the fun ones, like Frosty.

 The first of many to come snowflakes around our house.
And the countdown begins....


  1. I need all your random decorations. Well not the paper snowflakes because those are ghetto, but yes, yes ill take everything else!

    1. Haha so heartless. I love our snowflakes and I love them everywhere.


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