Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Tracy's Master Bedroom Makeover

Remember my post about Tracy's dining room progress? Her, my brother, and my super hero nephew just moved into a rental townhome. It is a great space. I'm super j. It's much larger than their previous apartment so they have a ton of empty space that needed filling.
Anyhow, my mom wanted to surprise Tracy for her birthday and decorate their master bedroom since Tracy  has really wanted this to get done but hasn't known where to start. My mom asked me if I would go with her  to pick out the stuff and then do the decorating. Um, heck yeah!

 Before (New bedding is already on bed. Old bedding is the red floral in the bottom left).

 Her red floral bedding wasn't setting the vibe for a relaxing, go-to space so that had to go. I chose a super light blue paisley print on white quilt (it's reversible!) to soften the room. For fun, I grabbed the green polka dot pillows, and for a feminine touch, a delicate flower pillow and furry throw blanket. I want to cozy up in that inviting bed. Except not really because that is where my brother sleeps and stuff...and gross.

 The art, lamps, and the sunburst clock were all awesome thrifting finds.

 You might recognize the grey dresser and tree picture above the dresser. Those were my contributions. You know, besides laboring away at decorating the place. :)

Tracy's face was priceless. Totally happy. I'm pretty sure she loved it.
Have you ever surprised someone by redecorating their room? Were they shocked in a good or bad way?

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  1. If I was the owner of this room, I'd be shocked in a good way. :) The before look of Tracy's bedroom was boring to look at, but after the makeover, I saw how beautiful and interesting the room is now. I think the artworks hanging on the wall were the ones that gave life to the bedroom. Before, the walls were plain. Now, it is enticing. Plus the bedside lamps enhanced the room's alluring atmosphere.

    William Gulliver


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