Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Pretties That I {basically} Need.

I have some goodies in my Amazon wishlist right now. Since we are saving for school, they aren't actually things we can afford, but it's called a "wishlist" for a reason, right? Where is my magic genie?
Detailed View
I envision a pair of these, one for both sides of our master bed with the lamp below over each one. 
West Elm Nightstand at $249 each.
Industrial Extending Scissor Sconce

Lashay Velvet Lounge Chair & Ottoman - Blue
Blue Velvet Chair and Ottoman calling my name. Surprising at Wal-Mart for $380.
Jayne Three Sphere Glass 1-light Gold Table Lamps (Set of 2)
Gold Table Lamps from Overstock at $185 for the pair.

Do you use your Amazon wishlist for wishes or for things you are actually going to buy?
Someone find me Aladdin's lamp stat.


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