Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Ugliest Chair Ever Turned Pretty

 Oh hello- plastic covered, filthy, stained dining chair from my childhood. You nasty. 
 I literally dined in this chair as a child. I can't even imagine what those stains are. Disgusting. 
My parents actually had this chair in their closet so my dad could sit down and tie his shoes. I liked the frame of the chair so I switched him chairs and took this baby home. I knew it needed some super modern fabric to get its original look out of my mind. 

I'm pretty obsessed with it now. 
I made a slipcover for the top and stapled the bottom fabric to the seat. It was pretty easy and I used less than a yard of fabric so this chair cost me less than $7. 

This chair is definitively coming with us in our move.  I have a mini office plan for our master.

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