Saturday, May 30, 2009

An actual post.

Yes, I am actually writing a bloggy post. This is a very rare occasion for me. I have spent so much time doing reviews and giveaways (woo, those things are time consuming!) that I haven't had the opportunity to chat, and by chat I mean talk basically to myself, in a while now. 
Most of our "followers" are fairly new. Welcome! Since you probably don't know me or if you do know me and are in serious need of a Megan catch up, today is your lucky day! 
My husband, my son, and myself are currently living with my parents. Blehhhh! Oh and my brother, his wife, and their son are ALSO living with my parents. It is quite a full house. Literally. All we are missing is Michelle Tanner (was that a lame joke?). We have good days and bad days all living together. It isn't very ideal, but unfortunately we are all forced into this situation due to some serious financial hardships. My parents have been super generous to allow us to all live here and we do feel blessed for that.
My husband is in school right now. Thankfully, he will be done in about a year. He works really hard for our little family. I think sometimes he probably gets the impression that I am not proud of him or not thankful for all he does because I complain so much about living with my parents. I am a complainer, I can be mega annoying, I just can't help myself. Let me set the record right here, though. I am so proud and thankful for my sexy hunk husband! He may not be able to provide me with all the cash that my wardrobe is aching for, but he provides love to me and our son unconditionally.  Our son wakes my husband up everyday by smacking him across the face so I do mean unconditionally.
Speaking of my little son, whom I have lovingly nicknamed "Terd Fart" (immature?) because he does a lot of both, him and I did not get along when it came to sleeping. The older he got, the more times he would wake up each night. It breaks my heart to hear him cry so I just could not do the cry out method. I know, I am a wimpy mom. almost 14 months, he is sleeping through the night!!! I weaned him from nursing last week and he has slept like a little angel. That is bliss, my friends. 
Well, I think I have shared way too much info. I am sure all of you are just giddy knowing my life story. 
Now readers and friends, tell me something about you. What would you like to share about yourself or family?


  1. My husband and I had to move in with my parents after he graduated preaching school. I was 3 months pregnant at the time, and my older brother was (still is) there. My brother and I sometimes clash so me with my pregnancy hormones... that was bad. My mom and Carl also clash sometimes (well they did when we lived with them... things are so much better 2 hours apart!), so that was very stressful.
    I know where you're coming from. I hated having to live with my parents and I felt like such a burden. But it sounds like yall are in SUCH a full house! Good grief! Hang in there!

  2. I love your blog, and reading your reviews! I am hoping to do some reviews of my own in the future.

  3. wanted to say hello just doing a few blog hops from the linkathon and wanted to say hello. I"m #85 :)

  4. i may have to move in with my inlaws. i am SO not looking forward to it. but you seem pretty happy :)

  5. You must feel really lucky to have your sister in law around so much. I've heard she is really cool. You should try to be nicer to her.

  6. hahahahah tracy that is pretty funny, but so untrue..... JK!
    i feel your pain with no sleep at night, living with parents and cannot wait to see you soon. muah.


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