Monday, June 8, 2009


Need a dress or accessories to attend a wedding but unsure if your favorite clothing shop carries the style or size you need? NearbyNow will tell you which retailers have this item near you, place a hold on a specific product you’re curious about  – and even find out which items are on sale. NearbyNow saves you time you'd normally spending searching multiple sites for a specific item; then it saves you money by locating the items you want, and indicating where they are on sale. In addition, you’ll receive directions to the local stores where these items are currently available (and the name of a helpful clerk), as well as the opportunity to feel and even try on the items before purchasing.


  • Nearby Now is your trusted “scout” service:  Instead of you doing all the searching-- either online or in-store, you go to the site, input what you're looking for, and it goes out and does the heavy lifting, finding the exact item you request and all the nearby stores that have it right now. It even lets you know if it’s on sale! Then you have the choice of deciding when and where you want to go pick it up.
  • Instant gratification:  NearbyNow is the best thing since the Internet, but even better in terms of getting what you want right away.  You can find items in seconds, reserve them at your favorite close-by store and go pick them up immediately if you want.  Instead of ordering things online, and then having to send them back (often at your expense if it's not the right size, style or color), you can make sure the item is just when you want when you go to pick it up at the store location.
The service works like this: Just go to and enter a search term of the clothing or accessories you're looking for. Say you want shoes and your favorite designer is Via Spiga. You can enter terms like “shoes,” or “Via Spiga,” to see a full selection. does the rest: It brings up all the items that match your search, shows you which ones are available at local retailers and gives pricing for all items. If you want to reserve an item, just follow the prompts, and a member of NearbyNow's concierge team will reserve it for you and send you a confirmation e-mail within 10 minutes. Then you can check it out at the store before you commit to buying it. NearbyNow saves you time as well, since you no longer have to travel from store to store to find exactly what you want at the best price. And no more online return hassles and costs.

I have tried out this site and it really is awesome! Go check it out now!

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