Monday, June 15, 2009

A new tester.

Erica posted this on her family blog and I thought I would share it with all of you. Oh and P.S...Erica is currently pushing out her baby girl! I can't wait to see my new niece! I will post pictures when I receive them. Enjoy this sweet post:

"Hello Baby in My Belly-
Thought you should know, even though you have created a most-massive and often awkward tummy that has eliminated all feeling in my ribs and made it impossible to bend like a normal human, and even though you seem to find great entertainment in using my organs as a punching bag, and you are most comfortable sleeping on my bladder, and you firmly believe that 4 in the morning is the perfect time to begin your daily water aerobics, I am really going to miss being your bodymate. I am going to miss having you all to myself, knowing you are perfectly safe and protected. I am going to miss experiencing your every move, your tangible personality. I will miss your brother's sweet tummy kisses and your sister's tiny tummy tickles. I will miss your daddy's tough hands gently rubbing my tummy as he says hello to you. I will miss the sweet understanding stares of strangers. I will miss being the vessel to this tiny miracle that is you, baby girl. I will feel empty for a moment, missing the sweet spirit that once did cartwheels in my belly.
But I am also excited. Excited to look into your blue-gray eyes, and touch your button nose. Excited to kiss your fuzzy head and nuzzle your wrinkly, red skin. Excited to feel your strength as your wrap your tiny fingers around mine. Excited to watch you melt into your daddy's arms and dazzle your big brother and sister. Excited for that instant, where time completely stands still and all is perfect in life. Because of you. Because you left your safe home in Heaven to come live with me, and your daddy, and Ryder andLinley.
It's been a good 9 months baby girl, but it will be an even better Eternity, and it all begins on tomorrow. See you soon little princess!!"

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  1. What a sweet post. I remember feeling sadness and excitement the day before Leah was born too. Erica put it into words perfectly!


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