Thursday, June 11, 2009

Step 2 Artic Splash Table Review

I have never been disappointed with Step 2. Their products are always age appropriate, safe, durable, and most importantly, fun! I am tempted by every item Step 2 has to offer because I know it is something my son will actually enjoy.
I want to teach my son the joy of playing outside as young as possible. Instead of entertaining him with television programs, video games, or lazy lounging, I want him to want to use his imagination, find pleasure in being out with nature, and I want him to prefer toys that allow him do to that all safely. Lucky for us moms, Step 2 truly delivers.
Check out just a few of their amazing products below.

This is the Nature Station Playhouse valued at $249.99. This will surely provide endless summertime fun!
The Sports Bouncer is valued at just $199.99...quite the deal, if you ask me! It looks like fun for kids of all ages!
Finally, I had the wonderful opportunity to review the Artic Splash Water Table valued at $39.99. My son was in heaven playing with this. He isn't quite used to playing in the pool so this has been the perfect solution for him to splash around and get wet. This table includes the ice slide, tunnel, dumping bucket, and 3 squirt toys.
I loved watching my son figure out how everything worked. He loved filling up the water bucket and sitting it on top of the "ice" and then watching it make a waterfall.
The table was perfect for his height.
Because his whole body wasn't getting cold and wet, he would be content to play at this table for a very long time (Perfect for Mommy tanning time).
The squirting animals are so fun to fill up and then squirt at each other.
I wish the "ice tower" was permanently stuck in place. When my son got a little too excited he would knock it over and then get mad that his waterfall would be messed up.
I highly recommend buying this product for your child this summer! The Artic Splash is suitable for children 1 1/2 and older.
Online-Visit Step 2 OR Toys R' Us.

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