Sunday, August 2, 2009

Baby Bistro Brands-The Toddler Box Review

Feeding my son has always been a task. That is why I was thrilled to come across Baby Bistro Brands.
Baby Bistro offers two products:
The Baby Bistro Box and The Toddler Bistro Box.

I didn't review the Baby Bistro Box, but I wanted to make my readers aware of it. I wish I had this box when my son was a baby to have information on hand about what is appropriate for him to be eating and at what age.
From Baby Bistro Brands site,
Our ever-popular firstborn product, the Baby Bistro Box, now in its second edition, provides up-to-date nutritional information you need to feed your baby for the first twelve months. It includes safety rules, shopping tips, numerous recipes, and prenatal suggestions. The recipe card format allows you to find the information you want, when you need it, and then take it with you! The box is fun to read, written in a no stress "girlfriend" style, and is inviting to look at with its soft colors and artwork. Let it help you make the first year with your baby the best it can be.
I did have the opportunity to review The Toddler Bistro Box. My son is incredibly picky and while I hate to admit that I usually have to trick him into eating, that is exactly what I do. I expected the box to be mostly just fun recipes to get toddlers ages 1-3 to eat. I was surprised to find that this box is so much more than just recipes.
While The Toddler Bistro Box does indeed include delicious, easy, and fast recipes, it also includes valuable information to keep your child happy and healthy.
From the "Starters" section, I looked up 'Absent Appetites' where I felt my son mostly fit in. I learned that I should allow my son to listen to his inner hunger cues because healthy toddlers self-regulate their food intake well.
From the "A La Carte" section, I learned all about food ingredients, what my child needs, and some good choices to provide him with.
In the "Entertain" section, I found great ideas to keep my toddler busy during rainy days or any day I feel like getting his imagination working.
Each section provides information that has already been so handy. Of course, though, the recipes have been our favorite.
The "Entrees" section includes a delicious recipe to Yummy Hummus that my son absolutely loved. I am so excited to try all of the recipes and find out what my son is a fan of.
Christina E. Schmidt, M.S. Nutrition and writer of The Toddler Bistro Box is creative and genius! This is a perfect baby shower gift!

Check out Baby Bistro Brands to purchase a Baby or Toddler Bistro Box!

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