Sunday, August 23, 2009

WAT-AAH! Summer Challenge

I decided to take the WAT-AAH! Summer Challenge. The challenge was to keep yourself and your family away from unhealthy sugar drinks and to drink more WAT-AAH! Before my son was born, I was sure he would never have juice or sodas. That changed right when he turned one. It seems one is the age people, myself included, feel it is alright to give your child whatever it is he wants and of course, he wants sugary, tasty drinks.
I received a fun package of WAT-AAH!, including four colorful bottles with WAT-AAH for bones, brain, body, and energy; stickers, and removable tattoos. My son had been trying to get at it all since it arrived. He was so excited when I finally let him get his hands on it.
You would honestly think these boys were drinking up soda. I took a drink to test it because I thought for sure this must be sweetened by how excited they were. It tasted just like water, even though essential minerals are added to keep our children healthy.
Both boys were also very excited to have their new tattoos. My son kept pulling up his shorts and pointing to the bright picture on his leg. WAT-AAH! is fun and makes children excited to drink something healthy. I am now a fan!!
Want to join the WAT-AAH! challenge? Watch this video below:

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  1. Wow, great video! I think it's great that you're putting the spotlight on children's eating and drinking habits! I will have to try some of the WAT-AAH! with my daughter!


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