Friday, January 15, 2010

Help Haiti

The Haiti earthquake is a tragedy I can't really comprehend. I have been so impressed with so many people and businesses pulling together to help people they do not know, but know are suffering severely. I am praying for these people. I hope you will do the same.

baby star will donate 10% of january sales to
Help them help the devastated people of haiti and please join them in supporting mercy corps emergency response efforts in haiti! baby star will donate 10% of january sales to
Start giving now by shopping at!

Kolcraft is hosting a silent auction on their Facebook page to help children in Haiti. They are partnering with the charity KIDS who has a relief fund for Haitian children who are affected by the earthquake. The silent auction features products from their Contours line & all proceeds will go to the KIDS relief fund. It runs just like a silent auction but, instead of writing the bid amounts on paper, you post the bid as a comment under their Facebook wall post of the item.

The auction is being held at

Walkabye will be donating $100 to the Red Cross for relief efforts in Haiti EVERY time one of their stroller packages is sold online through Friday, January 22, 2010. As an incentive for customers who were waiting to purchase their strollers until a later date, they are offering a $100 discount off your purchase during the fundraising period to maximize their efforts.

Customers should use the coupon code HELPHAITI to receive their $100 discount.

In response to the dire need, See Kai Run has put together an emergency shoe donation of nearly 3,000 pairs to help the children in this ravaged part of the world. The donated shoes will be distributed through Soles4Souls, the international charity dedicated to providing footwear to disadvantaged people around the world. According to Soles4Souls, a sturdy pair of shoes is absolutely necessary in times like these when the amount of broken glass, twisted metal and raw sewage is staggering.
What Can You Do to Help?
Soles4Souls accepts ongoing shoe donations from individuals and retailers. You can donate new or gently worn shoes that are just taking up space in your closet -- every little bit counts. Just bind each pair with rubber bands and drop them off at a participating location. Or, send them to a Soles4Souls warehouse facility.

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