Thursday, January 14, 2010

O-I Baby Bottle review and {Giveaway!}

Pay attention! This giveaway will have 2,000 winners!
O-I baby bottles are pure and non-toxic. They keep babies healthy and safe. Glass baby bottles preserve both freshness and aroma so your baby’s milk, formula and juices are always wholesome. They are also 100% recyclable, so great for the environment, too.
I received an 8 oz bottle, which I really like. It is durable, cute, and (best of all) safe for my baby. I can feel comfortable knowing that my baby is drinking from a bottle that will not harm her! I haven't had any trouble with cracks or leaks, which people ask me when they see the glass bottle. I've even dropped it several times. I also like the shape of it, which makes it easy to grip. I definitely recommend the O-I glass baby bottle!
You can currently buy these at stores through Medela.
O-I is offering a free 8 oz glass baby bottle, complete with nipple, cap and ring, for the first 2,000 moms who register to receive updates via the site. Visit, starting January 18th to register and get the chance to win one of these great bottles!


  1. Thanks for the info! It sounds great, I'm gonna enter after the

  2. It's so cute! i'll have to set a calendar reminder, hopefully i can get one of the 2000!

  3. Thank you again for posting the news about O-I’s glass baby bottle giveaway.

    We are completing a few last minute updates to our site and are confident the giveaway will launch between noon and 1p.m. EST.

    Contact me with any questions at (816)460-3015



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