Friday, February 25, 2011

I Don't Drink

Because I'm good Mormon girl and all. Thus, ice cream is my alcohol. And in a few short minutes, I'll be naked wasted. I'll explain:
Last night 7pm: The Mister informs me he left his keys at work and needs me to pick him up at the train station (he takes the train into Manhattan daily)
2-5:30am: The Baby (does a 21-monther still qualify for that title??) is S-C-R-E-A-M-I-N-G her lungs, brain and heart out. And no amount of shh-ing, singing, swaying or Tylenol will stop the child.
6:30am: The Princess creeps into my room. Before she can mutter a word, I tell her I have only been asleep an hour and I am not ready to see her face.
6:45am: The Monkey Man enters my room asking if he can play video games "because it's Friday." I tell him no and I don't want see his face.
7:20am: The Mister snuggles up next to me and promptly exclaims, "you stink." I punch him in the gut and tell him I really don't want to see his face.
7:25-7:50: Get kids dressed and fed. Make them clean their room. Make lunches
7:51: Awaken the sleeping demon/angel baby
7:52: Everyone piles into the car
7:57: Pull into parking garage to pay for another day so The Mister's vehicle may remain idle
8:03: Drop The Mister off at the dentist
8:12-8:24: Go through drop-off line at The Monkey Man's school
8:26: Pull into driveway
8:27-8:44: Change and feed baby. Shower and dress myself. Maybe I brushed my hair???
8:51: Pick-up The Mister from the dentist
8:56: Pull into driveway
9:05: Mr. Appraiser Man arrives
9:05-9:35: Schmooze Mr. Appraiser Man
9:40: Pile back in car to drop The Mister off at the train station
9:46: Pull into driveway.
All in the pouring rain.
I don't drink. But many more mornings like this, and I may be driven to it.
(Just teasing daddy. I promise)
Under Tee: Shade
Blouse: Gap
Ruffled Cardigan: Nordstrom
Jeans: Hudson
Flats: Born

Shop Similar: Cardigan, Blouse

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  1. Ugh. Sorry. That stinks. At least you look great while drowning your sorrows.


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