Thursday, February 24, 2011

Ruffled Table Runner

My family was able to visit my husband's sister and her family over Thanksgiving. While we were there, we all "ooohed" and "awwwed" over a gorgeous ruffled table runner she had just made. It was so pretty and added the perfect touch of femininity and class.
A little over a month later while blog hopping, I came across a tutorial for the exact table runner. It was destiny. I had to make it.
Let me just say, I am just learning to sew. As in, I got a sewing machine like a month ago. Me and my sewing manual are kind of attached currently. Luckily, it has got to me the clearest manual I have ever read. I think I almost have basic sewing down. Ha.
Also, I haven't ironed the ruffle down or the runner at all yet. So please forgive the wrinkles. I will get around to it.

Ruffled Table Runner:
Sewing machine
Appropriate yardage for your table (I bought 2 and almost used all of it)

Total: About $7

I'm not going to even attempt to tell you how to make this because I am a beginner and I am sure there are lots of excellent sewers out there who would be disgusted by my instructions. Do check out the original tutorial listed below.
I will say that instead of using Stitch Witchery, I just went ahead and sewed a hem on both sides of my runner.
Also, I now know how to make a ruffle and it wasn't too difficult. I've gotten a little carried away ruffling everything since I obtained this new knowledge. Just set your sewing machine to the longest stitch and the highest tension, leaving both ends of your thread long. It will automatically ruffle and then you can pull the top threads to make the ruffle more full.
I am kind of in love with it. I think I might even iron it to make it extra pretty. :) It gives such a finished look to my kitchen table.

Check out the clear and simple tutorial at Under the Table and Dreaming by Stephanie Lynn. Make sure to check out more of her incredible projects on her sidebar while you are there. I am definitely going to try and recreate a few more.


  1. I'm very impressed. It looks great. Great job!!!!!

  2. You are so rad. My house needs you. My children need you. I need you.


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