Tuesday, March 1, 2011

DIY Curtain Holders

I have been focusing so much on the kid's rooms and our family room that our master has started to look way left behind. I decided the very first thing our (mine and my husband) room needed was natural light. Once a room has adequate light, I feel more inspired to create. To add light, I made curtain holders for our dark, sun-blocking curtains (my husband works night shifts and sleeps during the day so these are necessary).
These were pretty easy and best of all, they were free. I just used scrap fabric and spare buttons.
While it is probably pretty basic for most/all sewers, this was my first button hole. It took serious sewing machine manual time to figure it out, but I did it and I think they look great.
I just cut out 2 white rectangles (I have 2 curtains/windows), hemmed each side, made a button hole on one end and hand sewed a button on the other because I couldn't figure out how to do it on my machine.
I cut strips of fabric left over from my table runner and rolled them into rosettes, using the same technique I used it this video tutorial. I then hot glued the rosettes to the holders.
I love them! What do you think?


  1. I LOVE this. You are Very crafty. Buttonholes are advanced sewing.....GREAT JOB

  2. A buttonhole? Seriously? Who are you??
    Curtains look fab. Just promise me you won't sew allies prom dress...

  3. Why don't you come decorate my old woman apartment?!


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