Thursday, October 11, 2012

Statement Wall Decor

I've been thinking a lot about statement wall decor lately. For a renter, I feel like statement pieces in each room are seriously important. It makes, an otherwise boring room, interesting. Without being able to add bold paint, architectural interest, built-ins, and such, wall decor is the next best thing. 
For me, the bigger the art, the better. I'm always looking for huge mirrors or framed art while I'm thrifting.  And I'm not scared to mess around with a paint brush, either. I have a two paintings in my home that I've done myself. I'm no artist, but it's my house so if I think it turns out alright, it stays. 
Of course, make sure your wall decor speaks to you, especially if it's going to be a huge statement.  

Please share statement wall decor you have in your own home. What made you choose it?

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