Monday, March 18, 2013

Hello, Mr. Rhino {Big Girl Room}

I've been planning on a rhino head for Allie's room since I decided to transform her nursery into a big girl room. I'm pretty nuts for some faux taxidermy. I originally planned on white, but when I saw the gold at SquackDoodle I had to have it. It's playful and stylish. 
No joke, you would have thought a live puppy showed up at my house when the rhino came in the mail. Allie and Carson were fighting over who got to hold it and pet it. They are freaks. Before they could find a way to put a leash on it and call it their own, I put a nail in the wall and hung it up. It came ready to hang with a sawtooth hanger which was mighty convenient to quickly end the battle of who gets to hold it. Answer: the wall. 
The original listing was copper, but they can do all kinds of fun colors. I obviously went with gold and I'm glad I did. I'm liking the small bit of metallic shine over her bed. The sun hits it and it sure is pretty.
The rhino head is a little smaller than the one you might see at other retail stores, but the perfect size for over a twin bed or in a picture grouping. 

It's love, I tell ya.
Check out SquackDoodle on Etsy. The Rhino Head is only $38, so much more affordable than other basic ones I have seen in just white.
And I am crushing on her wall hooks. To die for. I seriously think I need this Steer head for my jewelry. 
What are you loving from her shop?

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