Friday, March 15, 2013

Allie's Reading Corner {Big Girl Room}

Allie has almost always loved books. Probably because her older brother loves books so much and she wants to be just like him. I find her in her room every morning and nap time either playing barbies or "reading" a massive pile of books. Her current favorite is 'Brown Bear.'
I don't think this ottoman is coming with us to Minnesota, but for now it works great for this corner and for reading. We sit here together every night while I rock her and read her a story before we snuggle in her bed. She's my sweet girl.

Love seeing books all over her room. Book mess, for some reason, doesn't bother me. It's just so cute. Do your kids like to look at all their books at the same time or just my mess makers?


  1. My son only takes one book down at a time and then puts it back on the bookshelf before taking another one. Cleanliness is Godliness you know.

  2. I agree book mess = good mess. The kids know I'm a sucker for seeing them looking at a book : )


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