Saturday, April 6, 2013

Pre-Move: Allie's Room

I am busy, busy packing away. Our house isn't feeling like home anymore. The walls are bare, the rugs are rolled, boxes are taking over.  I'm at the point now where I am ready to be in Minnesota, unpacking instead of packing. 
Allie's big girl room was so fun to imagine and then put together. I feel like it represented her quirky personality. I can't wait to see how her room evolves in our next home. For now, her room is mostly packed up and completely taken apart. I got a little teary eyed while rolling and wrapping her rug today. I'm going to miss this house where my baby girl turned into a big girl. Two years makes such a difference at this age. She was just a baby when we moved in and now she is running around the house, hollering, and bossing everyone around. When we move from Minnesota, she will be close to starting kindergarten. Time moves so fast with little ones. 

This is my last post in my pre-move series. And it is almost time to say goodbye to this house. Decorating a rental home has proven to be quite fun. I've had to get creative with color and temporary decorating solutions, but now I can't wait to do it all again in our next rental. I've already been planning all kinds of projects. So excited!
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  1. when do you move?! :( i wish it were texas instead.

  2. Such an adorable room! Would love it if you would link this up to Give Me The Goods Monday: 1 Party, 5 Blogs!
    Jenna @ Rain on a Tin Roof

  3. Beautiful blog including some great stuff, i like the blue rug.


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